Happiest Sunniest Days

Ok, it's official. It's truly really summer! I could not actually be more excited! It's over 20 degrees (Celsius) at all times and the sun is smiling right at me! As we speak I'm working on my tan! Like, it's been years(!) since I've worked on my tan! The last time I remember the weather being this good was when I lived in Spain!

Yesterday I went out to one of my favourite spots to eat and had an amazing oak smoked salmon and avocado salad. Afterwards Ken, Phil and I went to get ice cream and hang out in Stephen's Green Park. It was amazing to just walk around in shorts and next to nothing. I don't know if my view on life on happy summer days are seen through rose tainted glasses or if everyone really are that much happier and everything is that much more beautiful. Needless to say I'm in a great mood! Nothing can stop me on a sunny day apparently :D

Also, I think freckles are the cutest thing. I have very very few that only make an appearance for a short amount of time after a long day in the sun so I'm working so hard to get them freckles, haha!