Juan Sebastian Elcano

It was beautiful! I don't have a lot of boat experience at all, but I love boats and anything boat, I have no idea why! Haha! I think I just love that everything is made of wood and it can be on the ocean for as long as you like and you get to see nature for realz, if y'know what I mean! Haha!

Spain will also forever have a very special place in my heart after I lived there for a year. For me it was a very memorable year and I year where I grew up more than I knew at the time. Just to hear some Spanish and see very big brown eyes again makes me very happy!

There are two-three pictures of me on the boat as well, but Ken still has them. I'll post them when he gives them to me.

I'm still not quite feeling ok, but the painkillers really help! I'm looking forward to post better blog content for you, I'm just trying to rest up to feel better again :)