Memory Tuesday

As usual I've forgotten all about Memory Monday! Hah! Every week!

So the other day I actually dropped my phone in the toilet. It's been in rice every since because rice absorbs water. The phone seems more or less fine apart from the fact that every now and again it doesn't react to me.. So today Ken and I are going to a place nearish by that can fix it.

So that's money and time I feel like I could use on something else, so annoying. I mean, who drops their phone in the toilet?! Ew! I happened because I was leaning over the toilet with my phone in my pocket grabbing the toilet bin to take it out. Argh!

I already have plenty to do today considering I'm leaving tomorrow for the wedding and a few days on the country side. I still need to pack, tidy, clean and do lotsa yoga!

Needless to say, I need to run! Catch you later lovebirds <3

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