Oh the sun is out and the smiles are on our faces! I suggested to Ken this morning that we go outside and enjoy ourselves only to return when fall arrives. That would happen unless I was in love with blogging!

Great news are here. 1. Wolf of Wall Street is finally out and we bought it on iTunes, watching it again as we speak. 2. Lana del Rey's new album got a release date 16th of June! 3. X-men, my favorite superheroes, the new movie is out next week! 4. Foo Fighters are releasing a new album in fall.

Wow, realizing now that they are all media related! Anyway I'm excited. However, Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street writer is coming to Dublin, but I can't afford to see him! The tickets are pretty expensive, I'm bummed about it, but I'll have to forget about it!

Soon weekend! Yay! I hope your Friday is as good as mine :) <3