Makeup shoot

Yesterday turned out to be really eventful in many ways. Ken was booked as a photographer job for a makeup artist, Sarah. She also needed models and I ended up being one of them which was really exciting. Her shoot was fairy tail based and my look was Cinderella. I assume on the way to see the prince.

It was super fun and different from anything I've ever done. You can check out Sarah's website here to see some more looks. It was also awesome to have Ken take the pictures.

The shoot was held in UCD, the college. I believe it's the biggest college in Ireland and it was crazy huge! It was really nice as well, it had a lake and parks and some of my favourite coffee shops. Phil, our housemate goes to UCD so we met up with him first for lunching. He also helped us find the way to the shoot which was really helpful considering there were a million buildings with a million rooms.

Earlier on in the day I got an exciting email about some good stuff to come on the blog. You'll see soon.

You may remember my blog post called Our Street. A lot of fun stuff happens in our street. Yesterday night something less fun happened in our street. A guy got stabbed and robbed. There was a pool of blood! He seemed to be OK(ish) because he managed to get up and walk to the ambulance who, for whatever reason, refused to drive in to our street.

So yeah, it was a really eventful day in some many ways and aspects. I guess I should've started with the bad news and ended with the good ones because now I'm ending on a downer. To end it on a high note I will announce that I had delicious frozen yoghurt yesterday too with dark chocolate, kiwi and blueberry topping! Happy times!

Here are some of the pictures from my Cinderella shoot:)

Pictures by Ken Seiler