And The Winner Is..

I am so happy to announce that the winner of the Jord Watch is Mandy Seiler! This makes me so excited because she has been always been SO supportive of me and my blog. She's been sharing posts and liking and commenting and so on, always! As you may know, she's Ken's mum. It is 100% randomly selected. The program I'm using called Rafflecopter is what you enter through and it lets me see everyone who enters. When the competition is over I literally click a button saying 'Pick a winner' and it randomly selects a person which I think is perfect and fair.

I felt like I had to explain that considering a family member won and I wanted you to know that I do pick it randomly and fairly. It makes me really happy that she won because she is so supportive of the blog and now I get to give something back! Yay!

If you are disappointed you didn't win, worry not! There will be another giveaway launched tomorrow! It's a good one!!

Thank you so much for the huge response to the last giveaway, 10494 entries blew me away. I will try to keep them giveaways coming as you guys seem to really love em!