I'm enjoying a nice day in Wexford at the moment. I got up and did some yoga outside with Mandy, had some tea ate some breakfast and had a good shower. Soon we are going to see some castle. Ken's German uncle and his two kids are here, I don't know if I mentioned that before. They are so funny and great! It seems like they love everything and the kids love video games as much as Ken does so they have something in common and play a lot.

It was so nice to do yoga outside, I could just hear the birds singing. Evie and Gabriel, the dog and the cat did some yoga with us. Or so it seemed as they were rolling around and occasionally checking what we were doing. It was so nice to do yoga with someone as well. I've only ever done it alone apart from one time when I had a group class.

I hope you all had a happy week and a great Easter <3 <3