Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Ken and I are staying at Ken's granny's house and we got two eggs each. One from Granny herself and one from Ken's dad. Too kind!

In Norway it's like a family tradition to buy painted cardboard eggs and fill them with candy and give them to kids. In Ireland they have never heard of that and buy huge chocolate eggs instead. They are delicious!

Granny is cooking some beef for us later which I am so excited about! I've already eaten too much chocolate though, I feel so full! I even had a salmon fillet with mash and broccoli for breakfast, it was like a dinner already, I'm just so full!

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter, I know I will! <3

Oh, by the way, make sure that you enter my competition here. It ends in 4 days.

Here are Ken's eggs! These are so typical Irish. These kind if eggs are in every store, literally! Like, even clothes store sell them!