I've had a special love for Belfast ever since I visited with my mum a year or so ago. It was everything I remembered, it was charming, friendly, small, sunny and had great shops.

I think it's really fun to suddenly be in the UK and pay with pounds. Everything is a little bit different and the accent is so funny. There is also street art everywhere! Often with dark messages about peace and war or a deep quote of some sort. It's such a happy, friendly place and the darkness and deepness of it tends to catch me of guard. If you go there you'll know what I mean.

At some point during the day we were all hungry and grumpy and could not find a place to eat whatsoever. Finally I found a decent restaurant and no one was happy! I always feel like I'm either going to cry or burst out laughing in those situations. I get SO grumpy if I haven't eaten, it's cray!

Pictures by Ken Seiler