I present to you: best breakfast ever

A little while ago when my dad was her himself, Ken and I went down to a part of Dublin I haven't been before. Mostly because there is street art there and my dad photographs street art to post on his blog and Instagram. He has about five times as many followers on Instagram than I do and I keep saying that just ain't right! I also keep begging him for a shout out, haha! You can find his Instagram here.

Anywho, we decided to get breakfast at a place called Ely restaurant. I ordered a latte because I'm a latte addict and a Eggs Benedict with salmon because I never had that before. It was the best thing ever, I'm telling you! Everything about it was delicious!! If you get the chance you HAVE to try this dish. Actually, I should really get on how to make it myself.

Now, I'm off to run some errands, see you later <3