Between still having an awful throat infection, fever, my grandparents visit and trotting around all over Dublin and Belfast with them I've had no time at all for blogging or any computering at all. I really apologize for very sow blogging days, but thank you for cutting me some slack. I haven't felt well whatsoever with so much pain and fever and still been everywhere with my grandparents and dad. It's been hard, but oh my god, so much fun!!

They are leaving tomorrow morning and I wish they could just stay forever. I've had the best time in Belfast, museums, parks, restaurants, cafes, sightseeing and so on. I've actually mostly seen things I haven't seen before like the Viking Museum which we visited today, Dublin castle as well and we discovered a few amazing new restaurants. It's been really nice.

Here are some random unedited phone snaps from the last few days. Better pictures will come soon, I promise :)