Fashion Books

There are a lot of amazing and inspiring fashion books out there. Some of them are on every single fashionista's table, I have some of them too, but I chose to write about three books that not everyone have heard of.

The first one is Vogue Covers Paris. That one means a great deal to me because it was the first gift Ken ever gave to me. He had remembered that I had my eyes on a book I wanted with all the Vogue covers. So before we were properly together he bought it and gave it to me after we had spent some time together. Isn't that just the sweetest thing? Anyway, I love that book so much. It's so interesting to see all the Vogue Paris covers. It gives such an insight on how culture has changed, body image too and so on. It's a really interesting read too.

Paris Street Style is basically a book about exactly that. It also compares Paris street style to American street style and so on. It's full of amazing pictures for inspiration as well. I love french style so it's right up my alley.

Fashion Box goes through any style, type of clothing and trend ever and tells you about how they started, who was famous for them and so on. For example they talk about the turtleneck, the shirt, jeans and so on. It's really interesting and includes great pictures of amazing movie starts, models modern and retro.