My Nail Polish

I'm one of the very few, somewhat boring people, who really don't like colourful nail polish. I particularly don't like nail art. There are a few that are beautiful, but I still can't imagine wearing it myself. Soooometimes bright pink nail polish can be cool, but again, not on me.

I figured I'd introduce to you my nail polish. It's called Allegoria and it's plain, clean, simple and shiny. It's perfect for me. I've had it for years! It never leaves me disappointed. It gives me a beautiful coat that leaves me happy every time, Chanel have an amazing reputation for their nail polish for a reason.

I only found out from making this post that this nail polish is a limited edition!! Oh no! I guess when I'm out of it, I'll find a new go-to nail polish and I'll make another post like this one. :)

Find it here