Our Street

Our street looks like any other street. It has nothing very special on it, mostly apartments, a tailoring academy and a funny little coffee shop.

The stuff that goes on in our street is a very different story. Yesterday, for example, someone had sex right outside our window. One time we reported someone for trying to break into the house across the street, another time we got woken up by a woman crying hysterically and loudly right by our apartment building, yelling that to someone that they didn't understand her.

On time I was in bed listening to two guys talk to each other and I was thinking to myself; "what language IS that?!". It didn't sound like anything I had heard before. I sounded like gibberish to be honest, none of it made sense, I couldn't make out a single word until one of them said "I gotta go, though, I'll talk to you later" and I realized that they had THE heaviest Dublin accent!! I'm well used to the accents around here, but that took the cake!

One time Phil, our room mate, ordered pizza and when the pizza man came and rang the door bell, the people in the apartment above us had decided to pour tea on the delivery guy. When Phil came down to pick up his pizza, the delivery man was furious and shouting at the people who did it! So hilarious!!

It happens very often that someone is standing outside our apartments shouting a name over and over and over again. Last week especially there was one guy who would always shout for one specific guy for hours! Why? I have no clue!

The funny stories are many on this small average looking Dublin street.