When Times Aren't Perfect

Today Ken and I went to Dun Loaghaire at 8.30 in the morning for Ken's meeting. I decided to come with him because I basically just love when your day is slightly unusual so I take any chance I get these days to make my day unusual. I'm in such a routine, routines can be good. Like, I enjoy routines like doing yoga in the mornings and drink lemon water. Lately, however, the routine has been waking up getting ready, work, watch Dexter, bed and repeat. No fun! Routines like that makes me feel down in a way that I don't even recognize myself, for example: I get moody. The Emily I know best don't ever get moody. Irritated and impatient, maybe, but not moody. I really don't like it.

Now I feel great and all I needed was to get up early to go to a meeting in Dun Loaghaire. We also went to a café afterwards which never hurts either. I'm also really excited for tomorrow! It usually doesn't take much to get me out of a funk, thank god. I don't enjoy the land of funkness!