Mandy and I were driving to go for a walk at a park the other day, but turns out the park was closed that day. Mandy knew of a road up toward a mountain that she had walked with a friend a while back that she was trying to find again for us to walk the dogs there instead. She never found it, however, we stumbled upon a random country road and decided to walk it. Turns out it was the most beautiful place, we could walk up a small mountain where there was a lake and a view and everything! Ken came with Mandy and I and snapped some pictures. It was really nice to have Ken there. He doesn't come with us very often, obviously I love it when he does. He doesn't like it as much, though, unfortunately!

I actually thought the nature reminded me a bit of Norway which I miss a lot so it made me a bit extra happy! Holly accidentally ran after Evie into the water in the lake and had her first swim. She could have picked a nicer time of year, but it was funny none the less. Afterwards she was so freezing poor thing! Every time I get to that lake I feel like hopping in! It seems so fresh! I was walking in the water up to my knees and it was freeeeezing, yet it's always so tempting!