I apologize for not blogging yesterday. I actually got food poisoning or a bug or something, it's so painful! I was sick as a pig, but I needed to see some people so I was out all day anyway. It was pretty hellish, but it went alright. I actually slept through half of the visit with Ken's dad, Birgit, Aminata and Ken's Granny, baha! I slept sitting on the couch, embarrassing, but thankfully I feel like I know them so well at this point that I don't have to be absolutely decent around them. It's a crappy way to start the new year, but I always think if something starts bad, it ends really great, so I'm almost happy about it!

These pictures were taken a while ago when I was given this lovely present by Bernie, Ken's aunt. Myself, Ken and Ken's mum all got Cokes with our names on it. There is nothing quite like Coke on glass bottles and I was the only one who drank mine, haha! I have no idea what the other ones are saving them for. Decoration maybe?

Have a great weekend everyone! Today I go back to Wexford. I can not wait to see Holly again! Her cute face is just too.. Cute!