Christmas Time

Just past midnight on Christmas eve Ken gave me a small early Christmas present, chocolate, yay! I thought the gift box the chocolates came in was the cutest! That's how my Christmas started.

On Christmas eve I finally wrapped all the presents I got for people. I was early and organized this year with everything apart from the wrapping. There seemed to be trends going around for absolutely everyone this year. One trend was that no one had a lot of money the other, and much better trend, was that everyone seemed organized by Christmas! Everyone I talked to this year was in the same boat it's so odd.

I got to FaceTime and Skype most of my family and Ken's amazing American family yesterday and the day before which always makes me really happy! I wish I could teleport so that I could spend time with them whenever I wanted. Holly is in the Christmas spirit as well, she is hunting mice! So far she has caught two. She caught one this morning and normally she is absolutely full of energy in the morning, but this morning after having caught the mouse she is just sleeping the entire time. I suspect that she stays up most of the night hunting them.

How has your Christmas been? x