My Christmas Eve

My Christmas eve was nice. Mandy cooked garlic and cheese potatoes and stuffed chicken schnitzels which was really lovely and I felt very lucky to get served dinner.

I got really amazing presents this year. I got a kindle from Ken and Mandy! I am still the biggest fan of books, but I really like the look of the kindle and it will be super handy to have while traveling. Whenever I go somewhere even for just a weekend I always bring three books and buy four books there and when I'm going home my luggage is way heavy so this will be a lot easier to bring. My eyes are really sensitive so I don't like reading of screens at all, but the kindle looks, feels and acts like paper, it's so weird and impressive!! I have already gone overboard and bought eight books...

From my dad I got a hard drive which was so necessary!! I am so glad I got it because my computer was completely full and my phone was completely full and I had no idea what to do. I also think that a hard drive is the most expensive and boring thing in the world to buy. Thankfully this hard drive is 4 TB which will last me a long time! Now I have been transferring stuff to the hard drive constantly since the moment I got it, day and night, and I'm still not halfway there with all the stuff that needs to go on it. Cray.

My mums present isn't here yet, but I'm getting the nicest wellies! I can't wait, it's pouring down here at the moment! I really need it!

From Mandy I also got a huge onesie, socks and make-up brushes. I got into the onesie immediately when I got it and it has hardly come off since. It is seriously comfy and warm, a winning combination at this time of year.

What did you get this Christmas?