Weekend advice from me

Hey hey weekend!

Guess what! Yesterday I did yoga for the first time in 2015! I hadn't done it in a while, it's been so cold both inside and outside and I felt unmotivated. Yesterday I did yoga right in front of the fire and it was goooooooood! Painful at times, but sooooo good! Sometimes I don't mind taking small yoga breaks because I love being reunited with yoga. It feels amazing every time! It's always easier to get into every time I start again as well, it's crazy how much stronger and flexible I am than the first time I did yoga. I absolutely love being a yogi! I've done yoga for so long now, I know so many yoga poses so I tend to skip yoga classes and do yoga on my own instead. I like that better because I can listen to my body and do the yoga poses and counter poses that I really need.

You may have noticed that I did not blog yesterday and the day before. I actually hardly opened my computer and that was really amazingly nice. Yesterday I don't think I opened it at all, I also didn't use my iPad or phone very much. It was really great! I love having off days. The day before I only used my computer to order a delayed Christmas present for Ken. I really encourage people to take off days. Sometimes the fast moving world of the internet and TV can be harming with it's many expectations, advertising, articles targeting your insecurities and only seeing people on TV having the best time ever or being celebrated and made fun of for having breakdowns and making fools out of themselves. It's very harming in large amounts and it's important to take breaks and listen to your inner self and your body and ignore the media.

This is coming from me, a media lover. I love movies, some TV series and the art of entertainment. I think entertainment is extremely important because it helps you get away from your everyday life and struggles. However, the bad side of media is the extreme money making side where everything is made for easy entertainment, to shock you and for you to keep watching or reading the article. They play on your lust, greed, weakness, insecurities and so on and it's very important to distance yourself from those and not nurture those negative feelings and emotions. Listen to yourself, write your thoughts down, make a healthy lovely meal and enjoy every bit, go for a long walk spend time in silence, read a good book, meditate, do yoga, workout, go for a run and make sure to spend time and make time for the positive habits and to be grateful.

Have a happy peaceful weekend <3