Ken and I took the plane from LA at 4 pm and arrived in London at 1 pm the day after. It was a good old rainy London day and it was just what I needed. Every single place we went was hot and humid and last time we went to London I was hoping it the weather would be cooler so I wore jeans and a trench, but I was sweaty and ended up carrying my trench coat the entire time. This time, however, it was lovely and cool (I've been in Ireland for a while now and all I want to do is to go back to the warm, humid and amazing places, I can't believe I ever felt that way!). I don't sleep well on public transport so as you can imagine I was knackered after spending the night and more on airplanes and in airports, all we did when we landed was to get a train to Victoria Station, pick up some fast food and then find our hotel to sleep. After having slept for a while we woke back up only to get some more food, walk around a little bit in the rainy evening streets of London and then go back to sleep.