Happy Hollydays

Today my mum is turning 50 and I can't believe I'm not there to celebrate it with her! Happy birthday mum!!

Now, look at this cutie!! Do you like what I did to the blog title? I thought Hollydays was a cute twist, haha! I took her to the vet quickly today because I was nervous about her eyes, it looked a bit like her eyes were infected, but she was fine, thankfully! I also weighed her and she has gained an entire kilo since last time I weighed her about 2-3 weeks ago! She is growing so quickly! I really love having her, she's such a great dog.

Dog sweater from Flamingo

I'm looking forward to opening pressies tomorrow. Mandy, Ken's mum, is making food so I'm excited to eat as well. I'm planning on watching Three Nuts for Cinderella and eat quite a bit of chocolate and maybe watch Love Actually. Considering it's Christmas eve tomorrow I don't really feel very Christmas-sy. It's quite alright, though. To be perfectly honest I am a bit bummed because the plan was to be in France this Christmas, but those plans fell through and new plans were made of being in Norway with my family and those plans fell through as well so I'm OK with not doing much special this Christmas! I'll just enjoy some down time with Holly and eat chocolates :)

How are you spending Christmas this year, lovelies?