Kayaking at the California coast

Our last full day in California we were spending with Cat and Jeff. Cat had a surprise for us. We were curious what it was from the very beginning, haha. We already knew from the first day we arrived that she had a secret surprise. I was literally loosing sleep trying to figure out what it was, it's not very easy to surprise me, but she managed to surprise me and none of my theories of what we were doing were correct. She took us to a huge 5 star resort where we spent the day, but first it was breakfast time. We had Acai yoghurt with fruits and honey, it was delish!! We got it in a strange, almost empty, hipster-like shopping mall. Then we continued to the resort where we were surprised by a kayak trip along the California Coast. It was so fun, we saw seals and everything.

Afterward we had the most delicious lunch. I had half a portion of Eggs Benedict and half a portion of smoked salmon with something, I shared with Cat, perfect deal! It was probably the most beautiful resort I have ever seen. Apparently they filmed parts of Pirates of the Caribbean there and a bunch of other famous movies. Celebs were also staying there regularly, I tried to spot one, but I couldn't see any, haha! I love celebrity spotting!