Seven Deadly Sins

What I found so amusing about Vegas was that they celebrated everything that us people from the real world consider morally wrong. It was a jungle of craziness where you can get married to someone you just met at a choice of small wedding chapels, look at half naked women wherever you go, you get handed cards of naked women with their number on it on the streets by weird men, you can gamble all your money away, you can smoke anywhere, you can drink on the street (they sell takeaway margaritas in huge tubes that you can sip on anywhere), you can be serenaded by Elvis on any given street corner, you can live out your fantasies.

If you want to live out all the 7 deadly sins Vegas is the place to go.

In a sense there is a certain beauty to it. Like, a really crazy one. To be there is certainly an experience. The place where these pictures were taken was like a long hall that you could actually zip line through. It was full of shops, strip clubs, casinos and there was even a random, free concert in the middle of the hall. The band would play covers of really great songs. The band was great!