Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

We drove into Nevada seeing the crazy casinos on the border. We drove behind some of the amazing hotels like the New York Hotel, Cesars Palace and so on. We also drove past Henderson which was just a sea of bright white lights. We did not spend time in Las Vegas in the city before, though, that's where we were spending this day. For the people who haven't been in Las Vegas before I'll just explain the bizarreness of it. The famous Las Vegas as we all see on TV is all just one strip. Unlike a normal city with many streets, alleys, avenues and so on. Las Vegas is just on long and wide street. One long, wide and insane street! Klaus was so wonderful to drive through the strip pointing out what we should see and took us to the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

The main buildings on the Vegas strip is all huge, huge, extravagant hotels and enormous casinos. I have never ever seen hotels like that! In the New York hotel they have made the famous buildings in New York like Empire State building, Chrysler building, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Bridge. You could book a hotel room in any of the famous buildings as I understand it. We didn't go inside it, but it looks insane. They also have a famous roller coaster going around the buildings.

Ken and I only spent one long day in Las Vegas, but it will be divided into 3 blog posts because there is just so much to tell and show! I have a step counter and it was the first day I ever hit 20 000 steps. It was a loooong day which also turned into a loooong night, haha! When returning to house after the day I was full of new impressions, culture shock and amazement.