Vegas be Cray

One of the first things we did in Vegas was to gamble. We just had to. Personally I couldn't care less about it, it's fun for like a second and it's cool of you win, but then it gets lame. However, considering it was Vegas, of course we had to gamble! Guess what! We made a profit! I guess the house doesn't always win! We may have outsmarted Las Vegas/stopped playing after we won. We made a little over 24 dollars and played for about 10 dollar all together in different casinos.

Everywhere in Europe you can do anything you want basically after you are 18 so it never occurs to me to bring ID. To me that's so obvious. Besides in Norway our ID is on our bank cards so we have them with us the entire time anyway. When we visited the casino in the Caesars Palace I was actually asked to leave by a woman in a suit wanting to see my ID who, by the way, didn't find it remotely funny when I started laughing. I was leaving anyway so it wasn't so bad apart from my mental state which wasn't sure if it should be offended or flattered. I mean, all the other casinos seemed more than happy to have me there. Moral of the story: bring a passport or a different valid ID to Vegas.

I went to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in their Chandelier Bar and had a Cosmopolitan. I didn't actually think about it before after having bought it that I was having a Cosmo at the Cosmo. It is also legal to smoke inside in Vegas which is cool.

The last few pictures in this blog were taken from a huge tower were you could see all over Las Vegas. It was so beautiful!! Extremely hard to take pictures, but you kind of get an idea from the pictures.