I miss Disneyland

I found my Minnie ears today and it made me want to go back to Disneyland so bad!!! It was so much fun! I wish it was even a possibility, but it is many, many miles away and so are Cat and Celine who were the most awesome people to go to Disneyland with. To go from New York to L.A. to Wexford here in Ireland has been... interesting considering Wexford is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully I have my brand new puppy to spend time with and a brand new year to plan! I keep forgetting to do it, but I would like to actually make a plan for 2015 and write it down. That would be so practical to make sure I'm saving enough money and feel somewhat prepared instead of just waiting for time to pass and things to happen. I would like to add a little bit of structure to some parts of my life like that. I'm looking forward to it and I feel inspired.

Do you remember I talked about the life-building blocks? You can find it here if not. I talked about how I need three things as a base, kind of. Once those three things are happening I can do anything and everything just falls into place. Those three things are: Having it tidy around me, healthy eating and exercise. I wrote in my blogpost how I have trouble with the latter, exercise, but I am so happy to tell that I managed to start and at the moment, just slowly with walking at least 10 000 steps. At least it's something and I feel really great about it, when I feel ready I'll start doing yoga and running as well. So far my pre new year resolutions are going well!

Do you have any pre new year resolutions or a new year resolutions? :)