First Views of the Amazing Grand Canyon

I was absolutely over the moon about seeing the Grand Canyon. I didn't really think of it as a possibility in the near future so it was an amazing surprise to be able to go see it. I hope you are ready for lots of Canyon pictures! At first glance it looked more like a 3D painting right in front of you. It was so bizarre. It was like my mind couldn't quite comprehend the depth, colours and the size of the Canyon. It was really interesting. Ken, Monica, Klaus and I hiked along the Grand Canyon for a good while. There are also different buses and stuff you can take to different view points. They were all amazing and it was like the colours changed in the Canyon from the different lights hitting it. It was amazing! I couldn't quite believe that I was actually there and even though I could see it at all times it was like I had to look again and again!

We wanted to walk for enough for us to see the Colorado river that runs through the canyon. You can't always see it. You have to go certain places to get to the angle right so that you can see the river.

At the visitor center there we watched really interesting videos about the animal life in the Canyon and how they think it all came together, the Indian tribes that used to be there, the first person who successfully went with a boat all the way through the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River and so on.