We spent some time playing with Louise's kids at the playground in Yonkers. Louise's kids are so funny so it was a blast. I can't remember the last time I was on a swing. When I was a kid we used to run as fast as we could to get the swings before anyone else when the bell rang in school, haha! It's still so fun even though you only go back and forth. The stuffed monkey I'm holding is called Lola and she's a whole other story which I will post about later.

One of Louise's kids are almost two years old and Ken put it perfectly, he acts like a drunk person. He would crack me up so much, hahaa, he's just the funniest. I laugh just thinking about it! He would speak full sentences that no one else understood, want things out of reach and cry, run as fast as he could only to fall and then cry again and walk around on his tiny, tiny legs. All of which we have all done while drunk.