In the RV

Upon arriving in California we were staying with Ken's lovely aunt, Monica, and uncle, Klaus. They are the loveliest people. They had news for us, when I heard them I couldn't quite believe it. They had mentioned it before, but I decided not to get excited already because it might not happen, but they actually told us that they are taking us to: Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and more! We were going in an RV as well. Like, I've never even seen an RV from the inside apart from in We The Milliers even, haha! I couldn't be more excited!!

Klaus and Monica has a house in Las Vegas as well which is where the RV was. We drove pretty late at night from SoCal to Nevada and that was amazing. Nevada is a crazy jungle unlike any other county, country, city, town, state, anything I have ever seen before. When driving towards Nevada from California and seeing the Nevada border we just saw a line of casinos on both sides of the rode which was the beginning of Nevada. It was the craziest thing!

I'll be telling you a lot more about Las Vegas and Nevada later, but for now. Here are some pictures from the RV that I took before we left for Hoover Dam, the day after spending the night in Las Vegas.