Oscar de la Renta and friends

Parties today can be fabulous, however, the parties of the past always amaze me. Back when you could still smoke inside and people didn't post about every aspect of the party to social networks. If your grandparents ever tell you about their party experiences I feel like you always listen and learn something new, usually that your grandparents were cool back in the day. Old Hollywood parties seems to have been just something else. The people who attended were fabulous, who kissed who was always scandalous, yet few media sources knew about it and all in all it just seemed like Gatsby-esque parties.

Therefore I looove seeing pictures from the old times, you always see the most random iconic and influential people photographed together. I always wonder what the atmosphere was like and what they would say to each other and so on.

Oscar de la Renta was in the industry for such a long time. I would have loved to hear his party stories and stories about his encounters with the greatest. Other than himself, of course. I'll have to settle with looking at the pictures, though, which all are amazing so it's not a half bad thing to settle with.