Goodbye my love

For our last night in Manhattan we hung out in the Village for most of the time. We had such a nice dinner outside and wandered around forever. I was so sad to be leaving!! I am seriously thrilled that we are going to California next because I don't think I could handle it if we were leaving yet! I'm always so sad to leave New York. To be honest I really want to live here and I hope that could happen in the future. Sometimes I get such culture shock, though! Living in New York can be brutal!! American living in general is either really bad or really amazing. I'm definitely OK with taking a chance and hoping it would be super awesome, but right now it's not quite the time. Soon I hope!

One of the things I adore in New York is coming across huge landmarks by accident, there are so many of them so it happens quite frequently. On the way back from lower Manhattan to 59th street we saw statue of liberty, Rockefeller center, the Chrysler building, Empire State Building and Central Park all by chance. I thought that was amazing. It was a nice good-bye to the city. I'm going to miss it so much!!

Until next year Manhattan!! <3 <3 <3