Another Whole Amazing Day in Central Park Part 1

I've spent loads of days in Central Park at this point, but I haven't even scratched the surface of what's actually there. It's so huge! So much happens there as well and you stumble across the weirdest stuff and people. Do yourself a favour and spend some time there if you are in the city. Last year when I was there I came across a bunch of people rollerskating in a small closed of area. There was a DJ there blasting music all day and anyone could join. You could also watch from the barrier which is what I did and the people on the roller skates were dancing, wearing costumes, racing and so on. New York is really the place where you can live your crazy dream life and fantasies which is what I assume the roller skaters are doing. Anything is possible in that city and especially in Central Park

Today is also my dad's birthday! I just wanted to say happy, happy, happiest birthday to him! He is the most wonderful person <3