More from Seville

As you may have known I used to live in Spain for a year 3 years ago and I thought it was so much fun speaking Spanish again! I remembered so much more than I thought I did and I could even follow conversation! I can kind of remember not being able to do that so how living in Ireland for two years helped my Spanish I couldn't tell you.

Actually when I think about it I think I know why. I'm not that shy anymore and I hardly have any shame left, haha!! I make waaay more mistakes with the English language now than ever before while talking because I don't think anymore and just talk and I couldn't care less what people think. So I suppose that helps because I would talk loads to the locals in Seville instead of being shy.

One more thing about Seville that I loved was all the horses. There were horse and carriages everywhere! I've always loved horses since before I could even walk and talk so for me that was really cool! Normally I cringe so much by horse and carriage in cities because it's so harsh for the horses legs and hooves and sometimes you can just see that they are so unhappy and the way they walk you can tell they have been on the concrete for a long time. However these horses were alert, excited and interactive and didn't actually seem unhappy. I was so surprised to see it. It made me happy to see. I don't know what they do differently from other places, but it works!

We knew that Game of Thrones were shooting so we tried to catch a glimpse of it with no luck. Ken and I walked right by Mister King Joffrey one time in Dublin so I guess we've been lucky enough to spot a cast member already. We can't really complain!