First Monday of 2014

The first Monday of 2014 was great! Being back to work is fun. I did so many phone calls and answered so many emails! I did enjoy my first day after hell week too. I had a bar of chocolate and spaghetti! Tomorrow I'm back on fish, chicken and turkey.

I've always hated taking the bus, I very much so prefer trains any day. I still do, but for some reason I love the bus journey from Dublin to Stillorgan, where I work! I always have so much to think about and the bus journey is the perfect time to just think. I love it! I've heard a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking in the shower, but that's not really the case for me. Before I go to sleep is my time to think usually and apparently on the bus for work too.

My giveaway is going really well, so many of you have entered already, it makes me really happy! If you want to enter, find it here:)