A Little Thursday Update

Ooooh, only 4 days till my dad is visiting me. Really looking forward to see him. He is staying until Friday. It's going to be fuuun. I haven't see him since October!

Ken and Phil have finally put up a TV unit we've had lying around since we got all our things from the storage unit. It's super nice in the living room now, yay! Thank you both, if you read this!

I ordered a kitchen scale a while back and it arrived today. It's so pretty! I'll definitely show that off at some point. It's pretty big for our small kitchen, though.

I hope you liked my chicken recipe that I posted the other day. I've found that I LOVE pictures of fresh food and just good pictures in general so I included lots and lots of pictures! Besides I'm still learning in the kitchen so sometimes I would wish certain recipes was explained better which is why I have a step by step picture guide on my recipes. Hope you enjoy it:) Find it here.