The fox

Yesterday was a really lovely evening spent with Ken, Jenny and a lot of funny YouTube videos.

The whole thing started with the viral video called 'The Fox' made by the Ylvis brothers that I told Jenny about while we were riding. They are two guys from Bergen who has been around forever doing comedy on TV. They are so hilarious. When I mentioned 'The Fox' to Jenny she said it was just one of many, many videos they had made, I had no idea, so she had to show me more videos. Ken joined us and we ate some dinner and watch loads of Ylvis videos and eventually just moved on to other funny and viral videos, we had so much fun!

Here's 'The Fox' and another video we watched called 'Your Grammar Sucks' by a YouTuber, so funny! 

In a little bit I'm off to my mums for dinner, I'm so excited! First I gotta hop in the shower, do laundry and plan what to pack for NY! I'm excited!!