It's time now in Norway to vote. I've been thinking back and forth on who I want to vote for forever. I'm not too political at all and when I look at debates and hear what they have to say and things like that I always think they are all a little bit right and a little bit wrong. They all have good intentions, but different ways of doing them.

I have finally decided who I'm going to vote for and decided to vote today. The official voting days are 8th and 9th, but I'd rather pre-vote to skip the crazy queues. So that's what I'm doing now. I'm also preparing for New York a lot by washing clothes and so on!


Yesterday Ken and I had a great time making homemade burgers! It was so much fun. The only thing I didn't make was the burger buns, but I'm learning to make that next time for sure! It was so delicious and I love being able to make everything myself! 

I also made another batch with cupcakes. The mood in the house wasn't too good after everything that's happened so I decided to do that! 

I'll talk to you later, now I'm off! :)