It's pretty sad times in this house lately. Anja's face is still everywhere and the funeral is coming up. Ken's friend died a few weeks back as well. On top of all that Ken's cat has now died.


It was absolutely not an ordinary cat in any way. He was clearly so intelligent with so much personality and meant a lot to all of us. He would always make an impression on everyone he met, he's the most unique and amazing cat I ever met. He was Ken's best buddy for as much as 14 years and the stories about him alone would take days if you were to tell them all. If I felt sad when I was living in Dublin he would always be there for me, I still wonder how he could tell. I'm so lucky I got to meet him. He was already a pretty old cat by the time I started spending all my time at Ken's house. We were so lucky that we got to keep him for as long as we did!

Thankfully we still have some good things to look forward to as well. Today it's one week until we leave for New York! We also got free premier tickets for 'We're the Millers" next Monday which I'm looking forward to:)