Update From The Train To Wexford This Time

Right now Ken and I are on a train from Bray to Wexford. Everything went as planned, we've seen Eamonn, his girlfriend, Birgit and her daughter Aminata last night for dinner. By chance we saw that our friends were at a bar near by so we stopped by to say hello and catch up for a little while. Today we've seen Granny at the hospital and went to hang out with Luke for a bit. Unfortunately Fiona wasn't there, though!

Now we are on the train to Wexford and feel like we've already done a lot. We're on schedule which is great! There is actually internet on the train so I'm happy I get to update you!   

Normally I have pretty structured blogs, they come out twice a day at the same time, but lately I've just had to let you know how it goes when I can. I've been so busy! I actually feel like New York was a long time ago although it was less than a week since we came back. I'm looking forward some time to relax in the country side. I'm also so ready to move in to the city as well. Exciting times! Seems like things are going our way! Good thing after all the bad things that happened earlier this September! Lets hope it all works out!