Right now I'm sitting on a SAS plane from Copenhagen to Manchester. I'm writing this on a note instead of in my blog because there is no wifi, but this seems to be the only time I actually have to write something to update you!

If you haven't heard already we are currently moving from Norway to Ireland. Our flight went from Bergen to Copenhagen, then Copenhagen to Manchester, which is where we are now, and then Manchester to Dublin. Ken's dad Eamonn will pick us up and drive us to Bray which is just south for Dublin.

Ken's grandma fell and broke her arm which is why we are staying in Bray the first night. She is in a hospital being taken care of at the moment so we are staying in her empty house and are visiting her tomorrow. I'm excited to see her, I hope she's ok!

Tomorrow evening we are then taking a train to Wexford which is all the way south in Ireland where Ken's mum, Mandy, lives. Mandy is going to Germany for two weeks because her sister also fell and broke her arm. So she is helping her out with some sort of market or something. While she is in Germany we are house and pet sitting. There is one dog, one cat, one turtle and some fish to take care of.

When the two weeks are up and Mandy is back, the apartment we are moving in to is just available so we are going almost straight back to Dublin to move in to our new apartment.

Our next few weeks are carefully planned out and I figured I'd let you in on our plans, it feels better to get it all straight rather than try to explain while it's all happening. I'm looking forward to two whole weeks in the country side to take it easy and hopefully blog a bit. Do some Yoga, I haven't done any this entire month, I don't even know who I am anymore, haha!! Maybe we'll see some friends if they bother to come all the way down to Wexford. It's about two hours away from Dublin with an expensive and it's in the middle of nowhere so I understand if people want to wait until we are in Dublin.

Anyway, it's going to be really nice to slow down for a little bit and have some time to our selves. First, however, I'm excited to see Eamonn when he picks us up, Granny and hopefully our friends, Luke and Fiona, They live in Bray so I hope they are home and have some time to see us.

Ken and I are both still struggling with jetlag after our New York trip, big time, which has made our last five-six(?) days in Norway that much harder. We are wide awake at night and want to sleep all day which isn't possible when you want to see everyone, plan, pack and attend everything there is to attend in between. Yesterday night we were at my besties party. Jenny's birthday was a little while ago and Karoline's birthday this summer never got celebrated so they had a birthday party together so I got to see the most important people before I left, Julie wasn't there, but I got to see her the day before so that was perfect! One of the things I always dread when going, is the good byes. I'm not fond! I wish I could bring everyone in my suitcase!

Now this is an update an a half, if you are still reading you must really enjoy my blog, thank you! :) I will update you again as soon as I can! A picture is a must on a blog so here an one from Time Square:)