The Ultimate New York City Survival Guide

This is where I will tell you all the most practical and useful tips you will need when spending time in New York. If anyone have anymore useful tips, please let me know:)


When shopping bring ID, some stores give you 10-30 % off if you show it. 

They give you a discount between 10% and 30% on everything in Macy's, but bring your passport, my bank ID wasn't enough! This only works if you came from outside the US.



Hotels are not legally aloud to say no if you ask them to use the restroom.

You have the chance to go to a fancy toilet wherever you go. It's handy with all the walking you do! I hear Ritz have soundproof bathrooms, too.



Most museums are free, they have a "suggested" or "recommended" price. They will try to charge you.

We tried this at the Metropolitan Museum, they try to charge you, but you have the right to give a lower price. The conversation went like this:

- We need three tickets, please. We've heard you can pay what you want, is it true?

- Are you adults or students? 

- Adults

- Then it's 25 dollars each. 

- But it says it's recommended price? 

- Ok what do you want to pay, sir? 

- 50 cent each. 

And that was fine, but they do give you different prices for adults, students and so on to make you think you have to pay and they will try to get money out of you, but they have no right to take your money. Just mention that you see that it's a recommended price. You don't have to pay at all. 



The streets signs sometimes have different colours.

Most signs that tell you which street or Avenue you are in are green. That's normal. Brown signs that tells you about streets and Avenues, means that the street has an historic meaning. Black signs mean that it's the oldest streets



All places that serve food have a letter in their window. They are very important!

"A" means it's sanitized, it's clean and safe to eat. "B" means that it's not clean, don't go there. The health inspector potentially found cockroaches, or other bugs and dirt.  "C" means rats, and pretty much as disgusting as it gets. Stay far away! 



5th Avenue divides Manhattan between West and East.

Everything on one side is called west this-and-that street, everything on the other side is called East


Don't follow the herd when you cross the road. Wait until the lights tell you it's your turn.


Over 400 people were hit by a car in 2012, which means, more than one person gets hit on average every day. About the same amount got shot in 2012 which leads me to my next point.



Use your head.

Most streets in New York are safe and good, but if something seems dodgy or something gives you a bad feeling, be careful. Crime still happens, less than before, but still!



If you want to see the Statue of Liberty   up close, take the Staten Island ferry, it's free!

It's the boat that goes the closest to the statue so you get an amazing view of it. I could barely believe my ears when I heard it was free, but it is. You don't need tickets to go on the boat at all!