Update On My Life

I guess now it's time to update people on what's happening the lives of Ken and I. We've been living in Norway for a year now and we are moving to Ireland. Which is Ken's homeland, in case you haven't been following us for long. We are actually moving to Ireland this Saturday!

Ken's aunt fell and hurt her arm really badly. She needs surgery and needs some help. She is from Germany so Mandy, Ken's mum, is traveling over there to help her. Ken and I are staying in Mandy's house for the two weeks she is in Germany so we can take care of the pets and watch the house.

We were planning on finding a place to stay in that time, but yesterday, Ken's friend Phil contacted us saying he needs new room mates in his flat which is located in Dublin City. Phil is also moving in with his girlfriend so if this works out, we will live with Phil and his girlfriend. I haven't met her yet, but I'm so excited to meet her!

I've always wanted to live in the city. It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid so I really hope this will work out! The rent is exactly what we were looking for and everything so I'm very happy and I'm crossing my fingers! 

I included a picture of myself and an officer at Time Square because, why not! My dad sent this to me yesterday and I had completely forgotten about it! Very funny!