Carrie's Steps (And So Much More)

I love when I can become starstruck by a city, location or thing. I remember when I went to New York for the first time and saw the Manhattan skyline, I screamed in excitement! It was like seeing an extremely famous person or something. It was such a larger than life kind of thing. I felt the same thing when I saw the Eiffel Tower the first time and Big Ben.

I also felt the same way when I went to Carrie Bradshaw's steps in Manhattan. I was just thinking about all the scenes with Mr. Big in his limo waiting there, all the times Carrie sat on those steps, when that alcoholic guy was screaming he loved her outside the window and took of all his clothes and so on. There are so many memorable scenes by those steps!!


It was such a fun thing to see and recommended if you are a SATC fan like me! Just as we were leaving my dad pointed out this guy across the street. Apparently it was Willem Dafoe, so cool! As you can see in the picture, the apartment next to hers is for sale. If I only had the money!

Walking back towards.. actually I don't know where we were going, but back from seeing the steps. We stumbled across a record shop. We're all big music fans so we decided to check it out. Inside there were two huge grey cats!  I've heard of farm cats and stable cats, but never record store cats. I asked the cashier guy if they were his, but he said they just belonged to the store!

On the way back we went through Little Italy where I believe there was a big food festival. I heard there was a festival there so I assume that's it. Or maybe Little Italy is pretty crazy all the time.  Speaking of cats, there was a guy in Little Italy who wore a real life cat on his head and let other people take pictures with the cat on their head for money. It was the most peculiar thing, the cat seemed to know exactly what it was doing and soon after the picture was taken it was eager to make it's way back to the owners head.


My dad is very interested in street art and we found this amazing Audrey Hepburn piece in Little Italy, so cool! We also had amazing Italian pizza, but we ate before we came to Little Italy actually, I was already so full when I was there. Being full at a food festival is not ideal, really, haha!