A New York Fairytale is coming to an end..

..what an experience it has been!! 

Right now I'm posting a blog that will post tomorrow. Ken and I are also looking for a nice restaurant we can have dinner at. We're sitting in our hotel room listening to the city buzzing. I'm so excited to go out! 

I have to say it's really hard to blog here because we do things all day long and when we are at the hotel we are either showering, sleeping or just getting ready and planning what to do. I don't even know where to start to tell you everything we've seen, experienced and done these last eight days. I will do my best, but again, we're planning what to do at the moment and we're about to get ready.

We have been around seeing almost everything we wanted! We've been in Brooklyn, Long Island City, Five Points (big street art place), Empire State Building, Staten Island, seen the statue of Liberty up close, New Jersey, shopped like crazy, little Italy, Carrie Bradshaw's steps, Harlem, China Town, Macy's, Carnegie's (a famous restaurant), Ground Zero, where they shot the opening scene to Breakfast at Tiffany's.  

That's only the main things we've done. We've also stumbled upon a million weird things that's left an impression. I think those things are even more interesting to write about, but again there are so many things to say that I will dedicate a blog post just for that. 

Tomorrow is our last full day here and we are going to museums and are spending time in Central Park. I can not wait! We are leaving Manhattan on Sunday around five o'clock to go to the airport so we have time to see something or at least just hang out a big then too.

I'm a little bit bummed that it's soon over, but OMG, what an amazing time we've had!! I almost feel like I've grown as a person by all the things we've experienced. I want to go back as soon as possible!  

Ken has a contact, you know, the kind of important person you only get a hold of if you know someone who knows this person. Her name is Louise. She is my new best friend! She knows where to shop, where to get a good bargain and has offered us to to stay with her family next time we want to visit New York. That will make the price of visiting about half the price! I might be able to go back soon! She's gold! On top of it all, she is really, really nice and love shopping, like me!


Pictures by Ken Seiler