Downtown and 5th Ave

I wrote a really long blog earlier today, but just as I was publishing it, the internet in our lobby decided to bail last minute, deleting everything I wrote! I was so bummed, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do another one (ever). Thankfully, I decided to recreate the blog as well as I could (and continue being a blogger).

We decided pretty early on that we were going to take a tour bus all over Manhattan to see everything and get a better picture of where everything is and what we want to see. So today, that's what we did.

We took the downtown tour today and will take the uptown tour tomorrow. It's been a really nice day!

As you may know, my favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's so when we found Tiffany's on 5th Avenue I was obviously very excited! I had to ask, of course, if they had anything for 10 dollars or under. When I asked the lady she gave me a short, rude "no." and looked away. There were no other costumers by the counter, she had no reason to be short! It was my moment and she ruined it! I asked her if a lot of people ask and she told me it happened once or twice a week so she doesn't even get asked that often for it to be so annoying! I think when you visit a place that fancy, regardless of what the question may be, the staff should treat you like royalty to make the experience amazing.

Besides, it would be really cool if they sold a little Breakfast at Tiffany's related thing as the only thing for 10 dollars or under!

The last two days we've experienced some funny stuff; we saw a guy take a shit at the sidewalk, seen several topless women, a chubby guy playing guitar in his underwear, we've been threatened for our money by some black rappers, paid 13 dollars for coffee, people are open about begging for weed and are smoking it all the time openly on the streets, met some extremely nice people and some extremely rude people.