New York!


I had to write some pre-written posts for this time because I'm going to be traveling literally all day! I'm so excited to arrive and just be in New York. Apparently it's going to be thunder and rain when we land, I'm nervous about it, I hate turbulence on planes, it makes me so nervous!

We have planned a few things to do. We wrote a list of things to see, they are: Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Ken hasn't been before, Statue of Liberty, none of us has actually been in it, Carrie Bradshaw's steps to her apartment, 5 Points, it's apparently a place with lots of street art which my dad is really into, a comic book store in New Jersey, Grand Central Station, I never got to see that last time I was there, Metropolitan Museum, China Town and Little Italy, I never got to see that either and we are taking a tour bus. That's just a few of the things we want to do! It's going to be busy days, I'm so excited!!!

We left our house around nine am this morning and will be landing around 8 pm New York time. I know I'm going to be so so tired. I'm not one of those people who can sleep on planes and stuff either so I hope I won't just fall asleep first thing at the hotel. I hope I get the chance to go out and see something in the evening. Our hotel the first four days is right by Time Square so I hope we at least get to see that! 

Our second hotel is in Soho which I'm super excited about, I better get to do some shopping! I will blog through my entire stay in New York, sometimes I might only get to blog once a day some of the days, but I will blog every day! Also, I don't know when during the day I will post things, I don't know if I'll post things as we go risking the fact that the blog may come out in the middle of the night for you or write them and post them at European times. You'll find out soon enough, I'm sure!

Later today I will post my outfit I used for the cinema so look out for that!