We're the Millers


The day before yesterday Ken and I got some free promotional tickets to see the Norwegian premier of 'We're the Millers".

It was surprisingly funny and good. I didn't expect to laugh as much as I did! I'll probably buy it when it comes out, I want to watch it again! 

It was also nice to go out and do something nice to put our minds of everything that has been on our minds lately! 

I love popcorn, but I only really eat it at the movies so I'm always excited for it, haha! I can recommend watching this movie for sure, even only to see Jennifer Aniston stripping, it's worth it! It was never dull, funny things happened all the time!

I'll post in 'Dial EM for Fashion' what I wore. Now I'm only getting ready to leave for New York tomorrow, it's going to be good to have a vacation!