For The Ones Interested in Science

There are two channels on YouTube that I absolutely LOVE!

I'm very fascinated by science and that whole world so I like to stay updated on the new discoveries and things going on. I also love knowing how things work and just 'why' in general.

There are two YouTube channels that are amazing for that stuff and that I can watch for hours and hours! One of them is called Vsauce and one is called DNews.

Vsauce has a brilliant host that is amazing at engaging you and inform you about crazy things. I think there is a team behind it, but it's the same guy every time. He'll tell you things that will shock you and you'll be left wondering how on earth they managed to find it out! You can find it here.

DNews is the same kind of thing, but posts shorter videos and have three different hosts, all lovely! You can find them here.