Be Positive


New outfit out later! It's the third outfit featured in the 'Walk This Way!' video. It's a little bit darker than my typical outfits, it's a bit rocker-like. Sometime I need complete contrasts from what I usually wear. This time I even wore pretty heavy make-up!

Yesterday was pretty calm and nice. My grandparents, my dad and I went into town to have a look around. I love going to town because I always meet so many people I know. This time I met an old classmate from Spain! It was so random, it was like she was a bit misplaced because I knew er so well from Spain so to see her in Bergen by chance was almost trippy, haha! Have you ever felt that way?

We stopped at a cafe where I had some chocolate ice cream and a macaron. So lovely!  

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday:)